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Peak Energy and Climate Chaos
- two aspects of ecological overshoot
recession and covid closures cut energy more than climate concerns
practice for geologic depletion
conventional oil peaked in the USA in 1970, fracked oil and tar sands mining postponed rationing
, Alaskan oil in permanent decline (it powers the motors of Oregon)
fracking during the Obama / Biden and Trump administrations postponed energy rationing
fracking peaked just before Covid
1972 "Limits to Growth" study predicted our predicament
two pages: Unnatural gas and electricity
electricity in USA on a plateau sustained by fracked gas

natural gas is the biggest energy source for the three US power grids - western, eastern and Texas
renewables have increased but are a small percent of total generation
it is not possible to sustain an always on power grid with variable generation sources (unfortunately)
conventional unnatural gas peaked in USA in 1973
, fracking is a huge but temporary bubble
74% of USA gas production was fracked in 2022
gas is the largest energy source for electricity generation in USA, it powers the western, eastern and Texas grids
the largest use of gas is electricity
USA peak energy - 2007

101 quads - quadrillion BTUs
Peak Vehicle Miles Traveled sustained by fracked fuels and tar sands
traffic levels declined more due to Covid than climate activism

peak energy conflicts with plans for a trillion dollars in highway expansions across the USA
legal strategy to shift expansion plans toward policies conducive to an energy constrained, climate concerned future
Oregon counties with better public transit (Multnomah, Benton, Lane) had peak VMT on the state highway network during conventional oil
counties with less transit (Washington, Clackamas, Marion, Jackson, Josephine, Deschutes) are at or near a new, higher peak now
ODOT's plans to expand Beltline and Route 126 (Eugene - Veneta) for over a half billion dollars
16 lane widening of Beltline highway, third of a billion dollars (or more), virtually no public awareness let alone opposition to the plans but also no appropriation of funds beyond the Environmental Assessment
federal laws that prevented the West Eugene Porkway (1951 - 2007) do not apply to this project
Highway 126 widening Eugene - Veneta: smaller highway expansion proposed across Fern Ridge reservoir past parkland and rare habitats. No money appropriated. Might have more legal obstacles than Beltline widening.
highway plans in Portland
, cancelling Mt. Hood freeway enabled start of MAX light rail
clearcutting the climate, deforestation causes desertification
Eugene Water and Electric Board - utility vs. forest protection, Eugene, Oregon
clearcut of old forest for water tank expansion (2021), neglect of existing infrastructure despite unchecked development (that does not pay its way for urban expansions)
West Eugene Porkway (1951 - 2007)

Mission Accomplished: No Build federal decision 2007
ecological significance - legal obstacles - energy limits and transportation planning
Mark Robinowitz, Road Scholar
WEP was one of the most illegal highways ever proposed
West Eugene Transportation, Land Use and Neighborhood Design Solutions (WETLANDS) v. Federal Highway Administration: never filed, FHWA chose "No Build" since they knew they would lose in court


Intersection of Peak and Climate

Non Binary Climate Concerns

Peak Energy and Climate Chaos



Alaska Pipeline approaching low flow shutdown

Fracking postponed rationing: damned if we drill, damned if we stop, damned as it runs out

nuclear power: the most dangerous way to boil water

offshore drilling on a swift boat

Peak Airplanes

Peak Electricity

Peak Coal

Fracking postponed rationing

Peak unNatural Gas

Peak Money: a permanent change

Tar Sands (Canada's conventional oil is in decline, mining tar sands is what's left)


Real resilience

Best case Covid scenario: stimulates societal immune system for real resilience

Covid closures reduced energy more than climate activism

Fractal Permaculture: local, bioregional, global

Carnivorous Coronavirus: industrial meat risks more pandemics and antibiotic resistance

polio and smallpox eradicated by vaccines

Denial - Bargaining - Blame - Acceptance


Moron-a-virus-45: covid disinfo

AntiVa: refuting anti-vax memes

Republican Pandemic: severe illness and deaths concentrated in conservative communities

Hospitals and morgues mostly filled with the unvaccinated

PTSD: President Trump Spread Disease

Joe Rogan: pro-vaccine in March 2020, before Spotify gave him $100 million, now promoting anti-vaxxers

Plandemic disinformation documentary

Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine stop covid in vitro (in a glass) but useless in vivo (in the body)



Green New Deal: great slogan, ignores limits to growth, promotes nukes

100% renewable can't be 100% of "current" consumption - due to physics, not politics


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other websites by Mark Robinowitz
(49 minutes)
"Truth and Reconciliation for the National Insecurity State," presentation by Mark Robinowitz at
"Of Kennedys and Kings: Reinvestigating the RFK and MLK Assassinations at 50"
The 17th Annual Forensic Science and Law Symposium
The Cyril H. Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
May 4, 2018


Legacy of the Sixties
Coup In America
Truth and Reconciliation for the
National Insecurity State

President Kennedy

Martin Luther King

Robert F. Kennedy

pages under construction:
Oliver Stone: "JFK" (1991) and "JFK Revisited" (2021)
Robert F. Kennedy, Junior: right about the assassinations, wrong about public health


A political map: connected dots
limited hang outs, best evidence, discrediting disinformation

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Clearcutting the Climate



trillion dollar highway plans vs. energy depletion

Peak Traffic: the real heartbeat of America just had a transportation heart attack, can we heed the warnings before oil rationing (to be imposed by depletion)